Tuesday, August 10

Would You Like Excedrin with That?

Some books need to come with a side of Excedrin. (I've read a few that should have come with Codeine, but out of respect for my classics-loving friends, I won't name them.)

This would be one of those books. Not because it's a bad book - on the contrary, it's incredibly well researched and employs impressive vocabulary. Rather because the subject matter is so grave and so frustrating that you want to reach into the book and shake people bodily for their intentional refusal to acknowledge reality. Not being able to do so leads to headaches and, hence, the drugs.

If you are less masochistic than I, you may want to start with something by Aayan Hirsi Ali or Oriana Fallaci and work your way up to treatises like this one. Either way, if you've never read on the subject of the Islamification of the West, please think about doing so. What you find will change how you see your world forever.

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