Saturday, August 28

Brilliant Minds

I have heard it said that wise people surround themselves with people wiser than themselves so that they keep getting wiser, instead of foolish people they can vainly impress. That being the case, I try to make sure that in my online time I frequent the writings of those wiser than myself. Here are a few gems I've read recently that are well worth passing along.

1. On the truth about why we pay taxes, need building permits, and other daily iritations that seem out of place for free people managing their own homes and lives. By the insightful Enola Gay at Paratus Familia.

2. Counsel on one of the least discussed aspects of preparedness living. Also from Paratus Familia.

3. What they should really teach you when you go to college for a business degree, from the best online news source, WorldNetDaily.

4. Why Housewives Will Save the World. A brief reminder of the powder and beauty in being a woman (and a little inspirational boost) even though the economic, political and social outlooks are bleak. By the no-nonsense Patrice Lewis.

5. For the Wives: Completeing Him Challenge. Technically, this has finished in blogland, but I the ideas are timeless and I think they are especially appropriate as we head into one of the busiest seasons of the year. Take two minutes to read through the suggestions and see if a few of them wouldn't bless your marriage!

6. Last one - check out Audrey Aussad on youtube. I hadn't heard her before, but she has a beautiful voice and some great lyrics!

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