Saturday, August 28


So, we had this great plan. We were going to borrow a cute little Cessna, fly out to visit family, then fly back the next day. Great plan... until an unexpected event on their end made it a no-go.

No problem. Hundred dollar hamburgers in NH, here we come! (For those not familiar with that phrase, it is a tradition among pilots to fly somewhere, have lunch and fly home - just for the fun of flying. It's called a hundred dollar hamburger because that's the most frequently opted for food and by the time you add up the cost of getting there your $5 burger costs $100. Lol.) My college roomie introduced us previously to Kimble's, an amazing little burger/ice cream place in NH that just so happens to be across the street from a well maintained air strip. Ice cream sounded good to me... until the clouds that the radar service assured us weren't really there pushed safe flying level down below the top of the mountain we were supposed to fly over.

Right. Time to turn around!

Heading towards clear skies, we flew to Seneca Falls (with a brief stop in Oneonta, as my stomach still revolts at turbulence and I needed a short breather - I am so thankful to have a good pilot and a patient man for my husband!).

Here is my handsome aviator on the ground in Seneca Falls. In the background you can see the cute little Cessna we were borrowing. If something with that much power can properly be called "cute".

Our furry flight engineer, who suffers none of his mommy's queasiness and LOVES to fly.

This is a modified Ag-Cat (spelling questionable) that is used for crop dusting. It doesn't show up very well in the picture, but there's a little propeller under the main one that powers the pesticide pump and a string of little spouts rigged up under the wings.

The flight back was pretty smooth, with our autopilot friend "George" taking over the flight controls long enough to snap a picture that turned out much better than I expected!

Aviation days make me count my blessings - my precious husband and nitro puppy, a schedule that lets me fly with them, a stomach slowly acquiring turbulence management skills, access to rental planes and a good flight school for Eric, safe travels and friends to visit all over. What makes you count your blessings?

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