Friday, August 13

The Colors of Summer

This summer, I am more aware of the bountiful colors and rich flavors of summer than I can ever remember being before. I credit the change to this being the first summer I'm not up to my elbows in bbq's (the menu of choice at Sodexho) or salads (Panera).

The credit may more appropriately be due to our CSA, however. This week's box came with enough beautiful flowers for me to make two complete bouquets!

It also came with two foods I don't usually eat: cantaloupe and cabbage. But I threw some cantaloupe in the blender with milk, ice and a touch of honey and it came out as a mellow, sweet smoothie of ridiculously-good-for-you proportions... I don't forsee it lasting very long!

As for cabbage, I've got a list of new recipes lined up and we'll see how it goes. First up was cabbage baked in a cream sauce. Verdict: very nice. So 1/3 of a cabbage down, 1 and 2/3 to go! (If you have a favorite cabbage recipe, please send it my way!)

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