Sunday, June 9

Bread & Wine

I added this book to my reading list after seeing the great review it got over at Modern Mrs. Darcy’s blog. I don’t usually like books that are a collection of essays, but this one was very well done. It was well organized, and the ideas spooled out in a cohesive, logical fashion. Ms. Niequist writes with passion, but at an easy-to-read, relatable level. If you love food, you’ll love this book.
One of the things I liked most was the way she advocated for balance and simplicity amongst the often over-done and over-hyped world of food, entertaining and community building around the delights of the table. Through sharing her own family’s experiences, she opens a door to the reality of building life with others. From the heart-reaching value in putting together meals everyone can eat, no matter what their food complications (allergies, etc) to creating food traditions to the importance of being genuine (it’s okay to bring store-bought meatballs when life is too crazy to make homemade), she reminds us all that part of being human is connecting around the table, and around great food – whether it’s triple layer chocolate cake or a simple stew. It’s the heart and the connecting that count.
This was an easy, enjoyable read and one that reminds us of everything that’s truly important in life – a great way to start the summer!