Sunday, August 22

I finished it!!!

This isn't the best picture, but I finished my quilt! (Okay, technically, for all you other quilters I finished my quilt top. The backing/binding class isn't until November, but I'm really excited!) I now understand why I've heard so many people are *ahem* not fans, shall we say, of applique. It takes freaking forever! My goodness! Once I accepted that it was going to take forever, though, I didn't mind so much. By the time I was done I was even decently good at it. :0)

Other new things this week include my first attempt at Canteloupe Marmalade (isn't that color amazing?) and Iced Cantaloupe Soup (right), referenced in a previous post. Another new addition to my cookbook is Bourbon Chicken (that ironically contains no bourbon). No pictures of that one, but I highly recommend checking it out. Fast, easy and delicious. Also, it requires nothing you aren't already likely to have in the house.

Finally, today's book recommendation: Making Room: Recovering Hospitality as a Christian Tradition. I haven't finished it yet, but it's proving to be a very interesting read. I am suprised that as a hospitality major who was raised in the church I know so little of the background the author is providing, and amused by the irony of her suggestion that it was the hospitality industry that largely killed true hospitality.
That's all that's new here for now. *hugs*

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