Thursday, May 31

Vaccination Detox Part 4: Fighting Back With Food

When fighting back against the onslaught of junk dumped in your body by vaccination, a few aspects of the Weston A. Price Foundation's dietary guidelines are especially important to abide by. 

Homemade Bone Broths
- Be generous with the bone broth in your diet! Whether you eat soup or just sip a cup of chicken stock at some point during the day, bone broths are packed with nutritious and immune system boosting properties you need. (Note: the stuff you buy in a box at the store doesn't count. If you have never made broth, pick up a copy of Nourishing Traditions. It's super easy to make - you can even use your crock pot!) 

Probiotics - This is one of the simplest ways to detox yourself! Many grocery stores now carry Kombucha in several yummy flavors, and you can buy cultures to make your own for $12. Yogurt - alone or in a fruit packed smoothie - is another easy option. (Make sure you're using full fat yogurt - preferably raw - with no artificial sweeteners!)

Reduced Sugar Intake - Refined sugars and artificial sugar substitutes damage the body and are especially hard on the immune system. Keep your sugar intake low and, where you need sugar, substitute a small amount of whole, natural sugar like honey, maple syrup or molasses. 

Eat the Rainbow - Greens and brightly colored veggies are crammed full of exactly the kind of vitamins, minerals and detoxing substances you want right now, so dig in! Eat salad (topped with a healthy olive or coconut oil based dressing), snack on raw veggies, or indulge in a green smoothie. (If you're really pressed for time or on the road, Bolthouse Farms juices are available at most grocery stores and any of their fruit/veggie juice combos would be a good substitute.)

Tip: If you have any interest at all, summer is a great time to start experimenting with making your own bone broths and kombucha! Bone broth can be canned or frozen, and (especially if you have a family to detox instead of just yourself) it will be significantly cheaper to brew your own kombucha rather than buying it pre-made. So start now!

If you can't or aren't interested in making your own, do a little scouting to make sure you have reliable sources for these detoxifying, nutrient-dense foods. Preparation goes a long way - especially if you're likely to get short notice from an employer on mandatory vaccinations.

Tomorrow's post: Wrap-up and Reminders

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