Monday, May 7

Menu Idea Monday: Donuts

I'm not a big donut eater, but every once in a while the idea of something decadent for breakfast really appeals. I was quite excited to find Chocolate Covered Katie has a donut recipe.

(Gorgeous picture from original site, of course.)


There is a lot to like about this recipe - it's quick, simple, healthy and tastes good. The biggest thing not to like is that it requires a donut pan. While you might get away with using mini muffin pans, mini bundt pans or some other small specialty pan it is not conducive to any standard pans. (Mine spread widely, ending up more like donut cookies than anything else.)

My Modifications:

I used raw whole milk, 1 egg and honey in place of Katie's non-dairy milk, fake egg and sugar, respectively.

Dietary Mod Friendly?

This seems to be pretty flexible, and should be able to accommodate everyone. It should even work with gluten free flour!

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