Tuesday, May 29

Vaccination Detox Part 2: Supplements & Soaks

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, one of the keys to detoxing from a vaccination is planning ahead. You can't use what you don't have, after all!
There are a handful of supplements you can purchase ahead of time and keep on hand that will help your body fight back against the viruses, bacteria, heavy metals and other undesirables found in vaccines.

Vitamin C - big doses of Vitamin C for a week after being vaccinated (and even beforehand if possible) help flush nasty toxins from your system, specifically the mercury which is extremely important!

Milk Thistle extract - Protects and detoxes the liver. (Credit is due to the Amazing Glutathione website on this one, as I have not seen it listed anywhere else.)

Colloidal Silver - I've heard great things about this in general as an anti-bacterial and immune supporter, and it seems very appropriate here.

Sunshine - Technically this isn't a supplement, and you can't buy it bottled anywhere (I wish!). But sun exposure directly promotes your body's production of Vitamin D, which is a great immune booster and body/mood balancer. So, if at all possible, get some extra sun!

In addition to supplements, saunas and soaks can help your body detox faster.

Saunas - Half an hour in a sauna will cause your body to sweat out a lot of the heavy metal toxicity. Just remember to drink plenty of water before and after! (Note: I realize that not everyone has access to a sauna, and that they are not appropriate for everyone. I felt it was worth listing, however, and encourage you to use your best judgment.)

Soaks - Take a bath with epsom salts or soak your feet in an epsom salt solution. The salts will pull toxins out of your body, and you'll get to relax besides! Bonus points if you throw a few drops of a soothing or clarifying essential oil in while you're there. 

That's plenty to think about for today! If you thought there were some oils missing from the supplement list, it's because they're featured in tomorrow's post on using oils!

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