Monday, May 28

Vaccination Detox Part 1: Planning Ahead

Our rainy spring is beginning to roll in to summer (finally!), but it's a comment I heard recently about fall that has been nagging at the back of my mind. It was an innocent comment, really – just a passing note that mass vaccination days are already being planned for this fall. My husband is in the military which means, among other things, that opting out of getting vaccinated is not a choice for him. At least once a year, he comes home from work have been shot full of viruses, bacteria and heavy metals.

And that bothers me. A lot.

We eat a very clean, very healthy diet and my husband is in excellent physical shape. But I still wish every year that I could do something to actively fight back against this threat to his health. So this year, I did something!

I collected all the little bits of information I've seen various places on how to detox from a vaccination and wrote them down in one easy-to-reference spot. Then, I went online and bought a couple things that I don't tend to keep in the house but will want on hand specifically for this purpose when the time comes. I feel tremendous relief knowing that this time I'll be prepared.

I know that nurses, teachers and others may find themselves in same boat we do – unable to refuse vaccination and keep one's job – and I want to make the information I've found available so that you, too, can be prepared before next fall's vaccination season starts.

Because I found a useful tips, I've decided to break this up into a series of posts rather than one huge long one.

First, let's start with this awesome comic on the subject from xkcd. I had to laugh because I literally know people just like this!

Second, it is worth knowing that nearly all vaccinations are now combination shots. Most including two or three often very different things. It is worth asking beforehand exactly what you're getting so you can be informed and make good choices.

Okay, now the detox info:
only one tip today, because it's important enough to merit the emphasis - detox starts before you ever get vaccinated!

Dumping toxins into an already overloaded, overtired and under-fueled body is bad news. Summer is an ideal time to start cleaning up your diet and giving up bad lifestyle habits, because the sun is (usually) shining and the farmers' markets are piled high with fresh, nutrient rich (and delicious) summer produce. If you're not already on the road to eating clean and getting healthy, start now! Being healthy to begin with is the best possible foundation from which to launch a detox campaign against vaccination toxins.

Check back tomorrow for Part 2: Supplements

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