Wednesday, May 30

Empty Promises by Pete Wilson

Human Beings are created for worship; it's not a question of IF we will worship, but WHAT. This is the foundation of Pete Wilson's new book, and the point from which he begins a keen lesson on the idols we so easily (and often accidentally) substitute for genuine trust in God. Expecting anything to do or provide what only God can thrusts our entire lives out of whack, and Wilson gently explores how to identify your idols ( because we all have them) and get yourself back on track.

I enjoyed this book significantly more than Plan B; the pacing was perfect and the tone was like listening to a sincere friend over coffee. The book is deceptively simple. Calm, seemingly plain sentences struck to the very heart of issues that abound in churches and communities of faith – both online and off. The standard topics are there – putting career before family/faith, or being obsessed by physical beauty, for example. But also tackled in a quiet, powerful way are some of the biggest struggles that rip through Christian lives, leaving wide wakes of destruction: dissatisfaction with a current circumstance, frustration at being forced to wait for something, the heartbreaking longings to get married or have children, the exhaustion and burnout of over- serving, unbalanced money habits, and the subtle wars between denominations over practices and principles.

Don't be fooled by the modest package or easy tone – this book is a powerhouse and well worth the read.

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