Wednesday, May 30

Vaccination Detox Part 3: Using Oils

Today's post covers one of the more infrequently discussed detox tools: oils. 

Coconut Oil - Although this isn't specifically intended for detoxing, it is a vital part of a healthy diet. As pointed out in Part 1 of this series, starting out healthy is crucial to the fight! (Read more on this at The Healthy Home Economist.)

Oil of Oregano - I ran across this for the first time in Healing Spices (which I highly recommend). It is safe, very purifying and available for purchase online through places like Vitacost and Wilderness Naturals

Thieves Oil - A popular immune booster, this oil isn't cheap but it goes a long way. Many people swear by it. (Available through Radiant Life or Amazon.) 

Fermented Cod Liver Oil - Available as gel caps or liquid, straight or flavored with kid-friendly essential oils like peppermint and cinnamon, this is a fantastic immune booster and detoxer! Don't let the price fool you - a very little bit goes a long way! It's worth noting that the benefits of fermented cod liver oil far outweigh the regular stuff you see on store shelves, so consider investing in the good stuff, even if you only use during detox.

Using Oils

Obviously you should read the dosing instructions that come with whatever oil you choose to use. Some are recommended to take straight, and if you get them in gel cap form it's a no brainer. Others, like coconut oil, can be drizzled into your morning tea/coffee or stirred innocuously into breakfast options like oatmeal. Don't be afraid to get creative if you need to, but remember that heating (as in cooking) the oils will diminish their impact.

Purchasing Notes:
1. You'll notice I've given online purchasing links for most of these. Chances are you won't find good quality options at your local stores, unless you are blessed with an especially awesome health food store. To save on shipping and simplify your life, I recommend selecting the options you think are most appropriate for you/ your family and ordering them all at once. Stick the box in a closet or cabinet (nowhere too safe - you want to be able to find it again!) and clearly label it "detox". That way, when the time comes that you need it, there's no scrambling or temptation to shell out for more when you can't find something.

2. I am not making money on any of these supplier links. They are simply the most reliable purveyors I am familiar with, and I felt it was worth sharing. I do recommend starting with Vitacost; they don't have everything, but they do boast an excellent search feature that allows you to omit products with common allergens like soy and wheat. They also tend to run free shipping and frequent coupons and we can all use to save money where we can!

Tomorrow's post: Fighting Back With Food

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