Friday, June 1

Vaccination Detox Part 5: Wrap up and Reminders

Hopefully by now you are feeling completely empowered to combat the negative effects of vaccination on your body and have a great jump on things you can do this summer to make sure you're sitting comfortably well before next fall's vaccination season starts.

Today I want to wrap up with a few seemingly obvious lifestyle choices that tend to be overlooked but strongly impact your ability to stay healthy.

Get Enough Sleep - Everyone's busy, and kids/pets/work can seem to conspire against you, but when fighting off disease and investing energy in repairing itself, your body needs extra rest. Carve out time to go to bed early or take a nap for at least a couple days after getting vaccinated. The benefit to your body will be worth the inconvenience.

Go Easy on the Exercise -  While working out keeps your body in good condition to fight off attacks - bacterial, viral and otherwise - it's best to go light for a few days post vaccination. Let your body focus all its energy and resources on fighting off infection and shedding toxic metals.

Drink Water - Your body needs extra water to flush out toxins, so keep your water bottle handy (and not just for decoration!). Remember - no fake sugars! If you need to flavor your water, throw in a pinch of stevia and a splash of lemon juice.

As always, remember that every person's body and circumstances are unique to them. Pick what works for you, in your situation. Don't feel guilty or get frustrated over the ones you can't do or can't afford, and don't assume that the combo that works best for you is the same for everyone else.

It's not uncommon to get headaches, be a little sore or otherwise feel a bit under the weather post vaccination, so give yourself a little extra grace and breathing room.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to acknowledge that vaccines dump a huge load of infectious agents, toxic metals and other nasty debris in your system and to take action to intentionally clean these undesirables out as soon as possible!

Thanks for reading this series. Do you have any favorite detox measures that I missed?

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