Saturday, October 15


Many families have food traditions built around holidays or events. but there's much to be said for everyday food traditions. Things as simple as eating dinner together every night, brunching on Sunday or planning one night a week as pizza night or soup night brings continuity and builds happy memories.

Without sounding too sneaky, it's also a great way to get frugal food on the menu! Tacos, homemade pizza, soup, spaghetti - these are all cheap comfort foods.  They're also great options to make food traditions out of! Easy to make, they're great for busy households and simple introductions to kids eager to try their hands at "helping" in the kitchen. They're simple to make in big quantities to accommodate friends and easy to dress up for special occasions. 

There are lots of variations on this theme - a special cake to celebrate birthdays, ice cream on the first day of summer every year, potluck dinners with family or friends where everyone brings their signature dish - use your imagination! Just remember that special doesn't have to mean expensive. Not to sound cheesy, but love really is the magic secret ingredient.

Do you have food traditions?

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