Tuesday, October 4

Quick Tip Tuesday

Quick Tip Tuesdays it is!

This week's tip – mount a whiteboard in your kitchen.

Though we originally bought my whiteboard for my husband while he was in college, I quickly adopted it after he graduated. Now I don't know how I ever lived without it!

Recipe notes, weekly menu plans, grocery shopping list reminders, phone messages – all the things you need to keep track of in a kitchen corralled in one easy spot. No scraps of paper to keep track of, no plastering the front of the fridge with so much stuff you can't see the handle and the fastest, easiest clean up around.

Obviously you can tailor the size of your board to your particular kitchen and needs (I have a giant one, because I am a visual learner and have to write everything down). There are several variations on this tool too - whiteboards, chalkboards, mini-boards on an easel or even painting a pantry door with chalkboard paint.

Whichever you choose, I guarantee you'll wonder how you ever lived it too!

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