Friday, October 14

Aprons: Functional Kitchen Fashion

Welcome to Functional Friday! This time we're going to emphasize the FUN in functional - with a little fashion!

Do you own an apron? 

Fun Halloween aprons.
Aprons used to be standard attire for the kitchen - they kept clothes clean, served as handy dish towels or pot holders, and added a little feminine flair to dinner prep. After being neglected and taken for granted for a while, they've experienced a fresh wave of popularity in recent years. Fashionable and functional,  a good apron is a must-have in any kitchen.

Do you have kids? Consider getting them their own aprons! My siblings and I had own aprons when I was little, and we loved putting them on and helping in the kitchen - do you know any little people who could be inspired with the gift of their own apron?

Whether you like vintage ruffles or off-the-wall designs,  make it a goal this week to find an apron you love to inspire your cooking.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE my aprons! I have at least four different ones. When I hold my GF baking nights, or my pizza parties, that's the first thing that I whip out and the ladies always laugh at me. I don't care, though. I don't feel that I can properly bake without one! :-)