Tuesday, October 18

Grocery Shopping Quick Tip

Quick Tip Tuesday - still on our theme of grocery shopping!

Two tips for the price of one today:

1. Buying in bulk can be a great money saver - or a scam! Don't automatically assume that buying something in bulk will be cheaper. Foods sold in large containers that do not store well, cannot be properly resealed, do not fit well in your cabinets/ pantry or that you have not tried before and may not like can end up being a waste of money even though they seem like a good deal on the shelf.

2. Coupons don't work for everyone. My mother was amazing with coupons and I struggled for years to figure out why I couldn't make coupons work for me too. I eventually had to accept that our current diet doesn't allow for the purchase of most items for which coupons are currently being printed. If coupons haven't worked for you either, it's okay! Don't waste your time or energy on them - focus instead on other options that will do you more good.

What grocery shopping tips do you have to share?

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