Wednesday, October 26

10 Ways to Get Free or Discounted MK Product

The holidays are coming and most people I know are looking at tight budgets this year. With that in mind, I thought I'd offer some hints and tips on how to get Mary Kay products for discounted prices - or even for free!

Most of these options will work year round, and some may even work with your consultants from other direct selling companies. Availability and impact will vary depending on your consultant, of course, but if you don't ask you'll never know!

  1. Host a Party.  Nobody wants to make their friends feel pressured to buy stuff, but if you plan ahead this can be a great option! Time your party when you know people will need to buy gifts or products anyway - Christmas, graduation, or season changes (sunscreen for summer, etc). It was money they were already going to spend, and now you get credit to spend yourself! Or consider comparing Christmas shopping lists with friends and agreeing to each host a different party (Mary Kay, Candlelite, Pampered Chef) so you can do your shopping early and in style!
    PS - Did you know you can host multiple parties in a year? Throw separate parties with family, girlfriends and coworkers and keep yourself in product all year round!

  2. Be a Silent Hostess. Not the party type? Ask about silent hostessing (or "book parties"). Grab a catalog and some sales slips and pass them around at work or your kids' sports practices. It's quick, easy and you still earn free product!

  3. Take advantage of gifts with purchase. Most Mary Kay consultants offer a free gift with any order over $40. Instead of buying one item at a time, try saving up and buying two or three together so you qualify - this is a great way to get to try new or trendy products for free!
  4. Ask to be on the Preferred Customer List.  This is a great way to get picked to try new products in return for your opinion or to qualify for discounts and specials.

  5. Take advantage of specials! You may not need mascara when your consultant is running a BOGO special, but if you know you'll use it take advantage of the chance to buy a couple! It sounds simple, but it can save you plenty.

  6. Offer to Help with Challenges. Most consultants get specific challenges from time to time, and they usually come with special deals for the customers who help them out. Get your name on the short list to participate!

  7. Be a Recruiter. You might be one of those people who "would rather eat grass and mud" than do direct selling, but that doesn't mean you won't meet people in the course of everyday life that you think would be amazing at it. Refer them to your consultant! Most have awesome free product bonuses for recruiters.
  8.  Participate! Every time you go to an event or a party, participate! Asking questions, volunteering to let yourself be the model or playing the game with a smile almost always earns you prizes and product. You're there anyway - why not have fun?
  9. Become a Consultant. Ask your consultant (or their director) to run some numbers with you. Depending on how much product you use and how much effort you're willing to put in to save money, it might be worth it to become a "personal use" consultant. This definitely isn't for everyone, but it's worth asking about.
  10. Trade for it. Direct selling consultants like to save money, too, you know! What do you have or know how to do? See if you can set up a barter system for at least some of your items. For example, my neighbor is a hair stylist and can get the really expensive shampoo I love (but usually can't justify buying) for a huge discount. So we swap expensive salon shampoo for awesome Mary Kay makeup! We both save money and walk away happy. Not all consultants will do this, but it can't hurt to ask. 
Which of these looks like it might work for you?

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  1. I didn't know about the Preferred Customer List! I could definitely do that as long as the product was GF. I wish that we lived closer so that I could throw a MK Party. With the few friends I have it would be fun.