Tuesday, October 11

A Great Idea

Quick Tip Tuesday again!

This one wasn't my idea, but I loved it as soon as I saw it and had to share! It's from Real Simple and they called it a "refrigerator snack station" though you could just as easily do the same thing in your car, on your counter or in your pantry.

The idea is simple: make the food you want people to eat the easiest, most available and most attractive snack options!

Whether you're trying to eat healthier, tired of your kids accidentally snacking on the key ingredients you were saving for tomorrow's dinner or in the middle of a crazy season where everyone's eating on the go this is a great solution!

Studies have proven that people gravitate towards the easiest, most reachable food and will almost always eat a less appealing item close at hand than put out more effort to get something they'd otherwise like better. And keeping everything in a centralized, high viability location means find yourself in a pinch because you ran out and didn't realize it.

Do you use a system like this? Will you try it after seeing this?

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