Wednesday, October 19

360* Leader by John Maxwell (Book Review)

Speaking with the wisdom and compassion of someone who's been there, John Maxwell focuses in his latest book on how the lead when you're not the boss. Whether you're an hourly employee, a middle manager, a department head or just volunteering somewhere, the insights in these pages will teach you how to align your head, heart and actions so that you can lead up, down and across wherever you are. True to form for this author, character and common sense are recurring themes.

Having been in middle management, I felt that Maxwell addressed the challenges of frustrations of the in-between, lack-of-power position honestly and effectively. The principles and practices he covers will serve any leader well, regardless of their field or position. I found myself reaching often for a pen or highlighter to note key quotes and hard-hitting truths that jumped out at me from the page.
If you've read Maxwell's other books, you'll be familiar with many of the excepts and ideas he ties in from those works to support themes in this one, but I didn't find it to feel repetitious or like a copy-and-paste situation. Everything used was relevant, appropriate and added value to the chapter. I strongly recommend Maxwell's work to anyone in business, leadership or looking to improve their ability to work with others.  

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