Wednesday, October 5

The Most Under-Rated Kitchen Utensil Ever

Do you have a library card? If not, make time this week to go get one. It is one of the best, most under-utilized resources you can have to make your kitchen more frugal, functional and happy.

Every library has cookbooks, and almost every library system allows for inter-library loans, meaning anything your library system has can be ready for you to pick up at your local library with a few simple key strokes and a couple days of patience. If you know your librarians (or are feeling brave) ask them for suggestions – many of them are awesome and can help you make the most of their collection. My poor librarians complain that they gain weight just checking books out to me thanks to the drool-worthy cover photos!

Not sure where to start? Think about what your family likes to eat, at home or in restaurants and use it as a guide. Comfort food? Excellent search criteria. Always ordering out for Thai or Mexican? It's not nearly as hard to make as you think. Only just learning to cook? Look for one-dish meals or casserole cookbooks.

Are you on intimate terms with your library?

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  1. I love the library. I have borrowed so many cook books. I have three that I'm reading through now. I read a lot in the fall, when my urge to cook kicks into high gear.