Saturday, September 18

Your Marriage as Testimony

Raising Homemakers had a brief, beautiful and thought-provoking post this morning on what it looks like to have a Godly, world-impacting household in our age. My favorite quote was this:

“Our marriages are so much bigger than the church is teaching…for they are the very picture of Christ and His bride. How do we say to the world (with all our fancy evangelical approaches) ‘Come! Embrace what we have!’ When marriages within the church are falling apart left and right? What DO we have if our lives say that Christ is not faithful to His bride?”

Maybe it's just being an AF wife, but I am especially sensitive to people not investing in their marriages. I've seen the damage done on all fronts, time and again, so this really stands out to me.

If you haven't already been introduced to Mark Gungor's Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage materials, please look them up! Much of his material is freely posted on youtube or his website.

Also, consider adding Raising Homemakers, Proverbs 31 and/or (In)Courage to your blog-list for some regular reminders, pointers in the right direction and encouragement!

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