Sunday, September 12

National Day of Encouragement

When I left Panera this past spring, I couldn't even begin to foresee what life would look like now. One of the most surprising blessings has been the ability to make myself available to encourage and support the people in my life when they need it. I have scheduled a time for myself each week to sit down briefly and write out cards or ecards to send to friends and family I know are having a rough week or celebrating a special event. I love this!

I am blessed that Dayspring has a huge line of free ecards for me to use. Happily, Dayspring is also connected to (In)Courage, one of my favorite sites! (If you haven't already, I highly suggest checking out (In)Courage and/or passing it along to all the ladies in your life who could use some daily uplifting and encouragement.)

As a special deal in celebration of today - the National Day of Encouragement - Dayspring gave away free card packs (pictured above)! I just got mine, so I wasn't able to get any in the mail yet, but they're amazing - I am so excited to have them to share!

Many of these cards are available in an online version as well, so if you get a minute, hop over to Dayspring and share some encouraging words with the people you love today!

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  1. I don't know if I've ever told you, but I love getting cards from you! They make me smile and brighten my day! Love you!