Saturday, September 11


It seems both appropriate and heartbreaking on the anniversary of 9/11 to reference current news stories and ask ourselves why Americans remain so ignorant of the reality that should have been made crystal clear nine years ago this morning.

Though I could write a completely separate essay on the comment from this report that there's nothing wrong or "to do differently" with drinking until you pass out, what's of note here is a quote from the judge's ruling that the rapist (a muslim man) was "an arrogant young man who was heartless, shameless and had no consideration for the victim". Why does this stand out? Because anyone who actually knows anything about Islam realizes that this is not an aberration - it is precisely what the Quran teaches! Non-muslims are inferior; they have no rights and are worthy of no respect. Muslims are taught from childhood that they may - in fact actively need to - freely lie to and abuse non-muslims at all turns until they either convert or accept their subjugated status and pay a protective tax (which isn't actually all that protective and brings with it by design great shame and abasement).

At a rally supporting the construction of NYC mosque, shown here, Americans lined up to demonstrate their cultural diversity - and their ignorance. Watch the video. Look especially at the women, with their hair uncovered and their suave city-girl independence. If they had actually read anything by Brigitte Gabriel or Ayaan Hirsi Ali - independent, strong women who grew up in devastated nations where Islam was allowed to run rampant they would not be so foolishly opening their mouths on that street. Is there a word deep enough to describe the tragic and bitter irony of these women protesting for the rights of those who will treat them like chattel to be raped, silenced and beaten simply because they are women? Even Mohammed's favorite wife (whom he bedded when she was nine, incidentally) is quoted as admitting that no other women suffered the way believing muslim women do.

Although I'm sure most people have heard about the plan of Pastor Terry Jones to burn Korans (see here if not), there has been no outcry over the most appalling aspect of the whole ordeal - muslims across the world are screaming in protest and threatening death to Americans and Christians wherever they are found. These are mainstream Islamic leaders! There is no high-jacking of the faith here. Does no one see the ludicrousness of the logic and outrageousness of the arrogance that any Christian or any American, anywhere in the world, would be considered rightfully murdered over the burning of a book by one person with whom they have no affiliation? Why do these quotes show up as if they were completely reasonable and expected in every national and international media piece? Have we truly become so accustomed to our bonds of fear and so comfortable in our self-hatred that we will not stand up to defend ourselves and our brothers and sisters across the world against this unjust and brutal slaughter?

We have watched as Europe crumbled under the weight of its ignorant good intentions, flooded by muslim immigrants who see them as nothing more than gullible filth to be bullied, used and manipulated. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, read While Europe Slept for a thoroughly documented eye-opening.) We have been sent prophets (see the note about Hirsi- Ali and Gabriel above) who have lived through the coming wave of destruction, and they have been calling from the rooftops, begging us to wake from our stupor before its too late. We have watched and said nothing as our President bowed before foreign kings, welcoming on our behalf dhimmi status. We have had more than ample warning of the fate intended for us.

So as we observe the solemn anniversary of one of the most horrific attacks on our nation in its history, I ask you to do more than hang a flag outside your door or attend a candlelight vigil.

Look in the mirror. Ask yourself if you're willing to be veiled, raped, beaten and stoned. If you're ready to see the same happen to your wife, your mother, your daughters and sisters. Can you stand by and watch your husband grovel before other men, or be murdered before your eyes because they were insulted by his failure to grovel?

This week, get a book that will tell you the real truth about Islam. Scrape all the politically correct smut out of your brain and open your eyes. Honor those who died on 9/11 by refusing to offer up the nation they loved and the families they left behind to be butchered by the same cruel thieves that stripped away their lives in smoldering piles of rubble nearly a decade ago.

PS - Have you seen the movie Theo Van Gogh was murdered for filming, and others have been threatened with death for making available? It's called Submission, and you can find it here.

Have you seen the cartoons that led to worldwide rioting and murder? You can find them here.

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