Friday, September 10

Meigs Field

Every once in a blue moon, the news media accidentally reports something positive that sparks in me the flicker of belief that there's still hope for mankind.

It happened again today with this article from AOPA (Aircraft Owners & Pilots Assoc.), announcing that the mayor of Chicago has opted not to run for reelection - opening up the possibility that Meigs Field - the General Aviation airstrip he bulldozed under cover of night seven years ago to make a park named for his wife - may be restored. (Note the attractive XX's he had gouged into the runway.)

That would be a huge event for the general aviation world, which has taken a pummeling since 9/11.

If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend watching One Six Right on hulu; its a fascinating and moving documentary about general aviation in America. If you just want to see the part on Meigs Field, you can find it on youtube.

If you're not interested in either, that's okay. Just go back to the first paragraph and share my joy that there's still hope for the world! :0)

PS - Today is Love Letter Day. Have you told someone you love them yet?

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