Friday, September 10

Take No Prisoners

When living in an apartment complex, there are a few things that are truly essential. One of them is a good vacuum. All apartments are afflicted with wall to wall carpeting; throw in a girl with long hair and a dog and if you don't vacuum well and regularly you'll soon be suffocated under a mountain of dust, dirt and hair.

Fortunately for me, Eric invested in an excellent vacuum cleaner... six years ago. By the time it got to this apartment it was being held together by drywall screws and safety wire. It wasn't really a surprise, then, when my attempt to vacuum last week was met with the smell of burning rubber and a muted snarling sound and little more. Our poor Savvy had officially bitten the dust.

Eric handled the death especially gracefully considering I'd also managed to kill the third power cord for my laptop that same morning. He did some research and ordered a new vacuum cleaner for us - a Hoover Platinum Cyclonic. It arrived today - bringing with it a six year warranty I'm sure we'll put to the fullest test!

Isn't it shiny!?

Here it is next to our poor dead Savvy. (Not out of the box yet... I try not to touch power tools until properly instructed in their use...) :0P

Eric put it together and we put it to the test. One sweep through the apartment was ten full canisters full of dirt! And it's only been a week! I'm pretty sure we were vacuuming our downstairs neighbor's apartment up through the ceiling. As a bonus, Cyclonic is much quieter than its predecessor.

Considering that it shares my take-no-prisoners approach to keeping a clean house, I expect we're going to get along smashingly!

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