Wednesday, September 1

Dishes & Great Service

In a time when both great products and great service seem rare, it's worth noting when we find them. I am (slowly) collecting a complete stoneware dish set from Bennington Potters in Vermont. During our last move, one of the handles on my favorite casserole dish broke. (I have the marbled green pattern in the picture at left, which I borrowed from their website because it's a lot prettier than anything I could take!)

Eric called to see if maybe they could repair it since they make everything right there. Although they could not, they kindly offered us 50% off a replacement. So we hopped across the state line and dropped by the shop. The staff was friendly and cheerful as always; we had no hassle at all. It's so nice to find somewhere with both a quality product and good people! While we were there, we picked up the next piece on my wish list - a banneton! The uses for this piece are endless, and I'm excited to have it going into fall.

So if you're looking for excellent bakeware, beautiful gifts to give the people in your life this fall, or just need to experience great service once in a while, I highly recommend checking out Bennington Potters! :0)

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