Friday, September 24

Reading the News

I should read the news more often. Really. I almost never do, because it usually frustrates me, but today's paper was tremendously entertaining... for all the wrong reasons.

For example, in an article I cannot find posted online anywhere, the Democrat and Chronicle proclaims "Formula maker, doctors assure parents there's little risk". It goes on to casually explain that millions of cans of Similac powdered baby formula have been recalled due to contamination by beetles. Despite doctors and the company reassuring consumers that this is really a limited contamination and probably won't hurt infants anyway, online message boards tell a very different story.

As much as I empathize with the distraught mothers, furious because their babies have been subjected to this contaminated product at such a fragile time in their lives, I cannot help but notice the bitter irony. I understand that not everyone can breastfeed, and that others will choose not to for their own reasons. That said, it should be abundantly clear to America by now that trusting the FDA is like letting a fox into the hen house and then being surprised and upset when only slaughter and suffering result. Why would you trust the health of your precious and helpless infant to them?! I would never, ever wish harm to babies, but I sincerely hope that this opens the eyes of many a mother who has conveniently been looking the other way when it comes to the disastrous state of the modern food supply.

Next up on the roster - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (who, conveniently, just announced in a UN speech that the 9/11 attacks were perpetrated by the United States government or with their assistance and NOT by terrorists) declared his disgust with the recent execution by lethal injection of a Virginia woman for using sex and bribe money to purchase hit men to murder her husband and step-son for the insurance money. Does anyone else see the incredible irony of such a statement from the president of a country in which rape victims are routinely killed for adultery? How is it that we should be defamed for executing a legally tried and convicted woman in a humane manner while Iran's obscene practices of honor killings and the beating or stoning deaths of women for something as simple as being seen with a man who is not related to her go unnoticed and un-reviled?

Next up, one of my personal favorites - a brief article bashing Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn for stalling a "food safety bill" that would increase the FDA's power and ability to "keep food safe". It lists he reasoning - the bill has no provision for funding - as a paltry excuse, no mention is ever made of the many nasty provisions included in S. 510 that should outrage every American. I've ranted about it before but, if you missed it, you can read the important information here. Even if there was nothing inherently insidious in the bill, shouldn't we be commending the Senator for taking the time to notice that unfunded mandates are wreaking havoc across the country already and attempting to prevent further chaos? Just a thought...

Finally, in a joint press conference with the FDA, the EU Medicines Agency announced that it was banning the sale of diabetes medication Avandia because it seriously raises patients' risk of a heart attack... The FDA meanwhile, is simply restricting the sale of the drug. While I understand the logic of the argument that for most intents and purposes the restriction will remove the drug from the market, I find it perverse that the FDA will not just come out like it's counterpart and put people's health above drug company profits. In addition, the many deaths that prompted this move are a sad reminder of the willingness of both the FDA and drug companies to use the public as guinea pigs. In many cases (yes, this is documented, not just hearsay) proper testing is never done - drugs are assumed safe on untested scientific theory and limited, unrealistic trials and then put on the market to be mass tested by unsuspecting patients who will bear the cost of unexpected consequences.

Anyway, I think that's all the cheerful news for now. I read some articles/responses on being a SAHW (stay at home wife) that have me incensed, but that rant can wait for later... :0)

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