Saturday, June 5

Open Letter

Dear fellow shoppers,

This is the second time this year one of you has seen fit to imply that I am not competant enough to accurately assess the needs of and make decisions regarding my border collie. First it was the sticky note on the windshield. Now it's a page over the store p.a. system to return to my vehicle. Because it's hot outside. And there's a dog in the car. And I am clearly not intelligent enough to realize that all dogs should be left at home, alone, in a house air conditioned down to 50 degrees at all times.

Nevermind that my dog LOVES to ride in the car and HATES to be alone. Or that he has water. Or that I have been in the store less than 10 minutes. To say nothing of the fact that I take better care of my dog than most people do of their children.

As infuriating as your behavior is, I am willing to make a good faith effort to compromise. I propose the following resolution: if you see a dog in a car on a hot day and disapprove, either decide that it's enough of an emergency to call the cops or leave the situation the h*ll alone. Alternatively, you may personally wait at my vehicle with your stop watch and we can discuss the matter when I return... Either one is acceptable, but passive-agressive crap will no longer be politely tolerated.



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