Saturday, June 5

Freaking Adorable

Considering how much milk I cook with, and my desire to master cheese making (let's not get into how much of THAT I cook with), I find the idea of keeping milk animals appealing. Not that cows really hold much interest.

So imagine my delight when I stumbled across Nigerian Dwarf Milking Goats on a homesteading site! Friendly, productive and about the size of a dog - how fun! I have added them to the mental homestead I am building for future development. (Yes, I know. I have issues.) But really, aren't you smiling just to look at them? You're welcome for the entertainment. :0)


  1. Jamie! I just saw your comment on my Blogspot, Im so very sorry this is so late. Thanks for the music recommendation, your comment on Tumblr did go through and I spent forever trying to figure out how to reply to you! My email is, stay in touch!