Sunday, June 13

Book Reviews

Yes, I know... lots of posts recently. But there's a lot going on!
Four quick book reviews today. (And no pictures, because I'm REALLY annoyed with blogger's inability to properly format them...sorry...)

Audubon Society Encyclopedia of North American Birds - obviously haven't read it yet... Purchased as a reference material, intial review seems impressive. Excellent illustrations and sketches, clear and easy to read descriptions and all kinds of fascinating facts in easy to use format.

The Book of Preserves - the beginning of my quest to read everything I can get my hands on relating to preserving and food storage. Not a bad start; I've copied out several simple recipes. Not going on my list of resources worth owning, however. Just not that helpful.

Putting Food By - considering one of the classic tomes of preserving wisdom, this is a clearing house of basic information on canning processes and safety. I have my eye on the companion book, Putting Food Up with Honey, but this will definitely make the need-a-copy-for-my-shelf list! If you're new to canning, it's a good place to start.

unChristian - picked up at the library on a whim, this turned out to be fantastic. A little dry, but precious in content: three years of research into what people really think about Christians and why. Most of it rang soundly true. I would love to see this book get in the hands of pastors and ministry leaders. A valuable read for everyone, no matter where you stand.

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