Sunday, June 20

Life in Pictures

Today has been a busy and productive day. Seeing as it's summer, much of the activity has centered around the kitchen! Banana chips (for granola) and bread crumbs (why buy what you can make better yourself?) in the dehydrator.

An experiment on the counter... watermelon rind pickles. I'd read about them, but never seen any. Since mini melons were on sale this week and I was apt to buy one anyway, I figured it was a good time to try this new recipe. Here the peel is soaking in brine over night; I'll let you know how they turn out!

On the stove, bubbling away, is the canner. Spiced peaches (also on sale this week) - if they taste half as good as they smell, I'm hooked! It smells like peach cobbler... mmm... Unfortunately, they have to cure for three months, so it will be a little while before I can tell you if they turned out!

On the floor is our latest attempt to acquire border-collie-proof toys. We are quickly reaching the conclusion that there is no such thing. Arthas considers squeaky toys a personal affront and makes a point of killing any squeaker in short order. The puncture marks and shredded nylon make me suspect this toy, however much delighted in, will not be long for this world.

My birthday presents came early this year - Eric bought me both a book I loved (The Crazy Makers - read it; it will change how you look at food), and a stoneware cookie sheet! How cool is that?! Easy to maintain and perfect for everything from artisan bread to cookies to crackers (next on my list of things to master).

And a suprise house-warming gift from a friend! I had mentioned to my friend Kerry a month or so ago that Eric and I were looking for crystal wine goblets, but that I was out of my league because I don't know the first thing about crystal. Kerry's soon-to-be-husband David happens to be an expert on crystal. So what did they do? They sent us some! How beautiful are these? My pictures don't do them justice; they are lovely and we are delighted. :0)

Okay, that's it for now. Our trip to Rochester went well and was without incident, and although we were quite productive I didn't remember to take any pictures. lol.
More stuff to post soon! -hugs-

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