Wednesday, June 9

Hodge Podge

First off, food notes: Chicken Empanadas - if they're not already in your cookbook, add them now! And Strawberries with Balsamic-Honey Yogurt. Not posted yet, but to die for. Look for them on Recipezaar soon!

Next up, furniture - ours came! The beautiful living room set we bought does an excellent job of complimenting the amazing shelves my talented husband build, does it? (Yes, we need to fix the wiring situation... one step at a time.)

Interesting reading - on gardening in suburbia. While I can't say I agree with all his ideas, it's a good debate with several facets well deserving of deeper debate.

Gun control - the best graphics I've seen in a long time illustrating basic concepts. (Click on the links by subject on the bottom of the page.) Here are my favorites:

Also, it's farm stand and farmers' market season! If you don't already have a favorite, check out the Weston Price Foundation website to find a good one near you and start stocking up! :0)

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