Thursday, June 16

Women Who Make the World Worse

This book was stunning - well researched, flawlessly written and spot-on with its assessments and critiques of the feminist agenda.

Tackling issues as diverse as family, child care, the glass ceiling and women's wages, sports, schooling, the military and abortion, Ms. O'Beirne brings truth and clarity to the table in direct contrast to the stated and demonstrated agendas of America's feminists.

Although not new to the topic, I was shocked by much of what I learned: the outright false and invented numbers frequently cited by feminist journalists and talking heads, the abundant scientific evidence unavoidably contradicting the gender-neutral strategies in schooling and sports, and especially the vicious satisfaction feminist leaders admit to in "furthering the cause" through sickening events like the capture and deaths of female American soldiers in combat.

Smoothly written and impeccably documented, this is a must read. The feminist propaganda sold to women for decades now is eroding and cheating the lives of all Americans, and only armed with the kind of truth laid out in this book do we stand a chance of reclaiming our rights and happiness. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

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