Tuesday, June 28

The Blessing

The certainty that one is loved, purely and unconditionally serves as a solid foundation upon which to build a successful life; the lack of that foundation is almost always crippling. Simplified into five easy-to-understand elements, the authors lay out the principle of generational blessing in these pages, putting this powerful tool within the grasp of every adult seeking to be a blessing or struggling with the fallout of never having received that foundation themselves.

I give the book high technical points: brief but appropriate reflection questions, corresponding chapter videos available online, and structured materials for optional small group follow-up all create a strong program for success. Far more important, however, are the authors' unmistakable compassion and the high-impact truth behind their words. I'm adding this book to my list of resources every family should read to break the bonds of the past, build strong ties in the present and lay down positive traditions for the generations to come.

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