Monday, June 13


I have a habit of picking up books that I can tell from the title and summaries are going to be either really good or really bad.

Sometimes they're awful; I usually don't finish them, give them 1 star ratings and get on with my life.

On rare occasions, though, this system brings into my hands rare gems that I would otherwise been unlikely to find; Half the Church is a perfect example.

Whether you go to church regularly or (like me) almost never, this book will blow your mind. Ms. James demonstrates great wisdom by avoiding the contentious, divisive debates that eat through churches and denominations and focuses instead on the earth-shattering Biblical truths usually overlooked. She describes them as "land-mines"; just underfoot, stepped right over as we breeze through too-familiar Bible passages. But if we actually saw them, stepped into them, they would blow our minds and the basic premises from which we work to smitherines.

Her vision for the women of God is beautiful, brilliant and all-encompassing. No matter what your gifts or you position relative to the church, if you believe in God there is fresh vision and electric encouragement in these pages. Men and women will be blessed by the truths and guidance she offers, and I strongly encourage you to snag a copy of this and check it out for yourself!

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