Sunday, June 5

Reclaiming Dinner

Reasons why everyone needs to read this awesome book I just discovered:

1. It's extremely well organized and stuffed with valuable content.

2. The author's casual tone and common sense welcomes both experienced and novice cooks alike.

3. It's not just about mechanics - it tackles the thought process behind learning to cook and understanding the value in cooking for yourself and your family.

4. It's practical - recognizing how little time most families have, the author focuses on simple preparations that can be made in half and hour or less for weeknight dining and that are comprised primarily of pantry/kitchen staples.

5. It would be a fantastic gift for the new college student, career girl (or guy) or new bride on your list!

6. If you teach your kids these simple, easy practices they will not someday end up in a Panera asking the cashier in all seriousness "does your bacon have swine flu?" (True story.)

7. Your budget will thank you.

8. Most importantly, when the zombie apocalypse hits, there's no guarantee we'll have our cookbooks or most of the ingredients needed to make our favorite recipes. Mastering the principles in this book will ensure that you can throw together a healthy, satisfying meal to feed your crew with whatever you have on hand so you can live to fight another day instead of becoming a healthy, satisfying meal to the ravaging hordes.


1 comment:

  1. Yes! I love this book, as you can tell.

    So glad to see it has other fans!