Tuesday, June 21

Better to Remain Silent

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.
Abraham Lincoln

I've done my fair share of ranting, especially here on this blog, but I remain amazed by the things that people will open their mouths and say on the internet. Like this discussion about what to do if you go out to eat and your server is stoned.

So if your server appears to be mildly addled from a quick smoke in the parking lot, you should let him have his fun... [D]eal with an overly high server (emphasis mine) the same way you would deal with other faults in the service: Leave a really small tip.

Don't rat your server out to the manager, because the penalty could be severe...

Both my husband and I worked in food service during college (and me for years after that), so I feel fully qualified to offer my opinion on this subject: what a bunch of cr*p!

Having been in an industrial kitchen and seen the injuries perfectly sober, responsible people can incur from accidents and general conditions it is abhorrent to me that anyone considers it reasonable for people to go to work high and put themselves and their fellow workers at increased risk. That's to say nothing of the customers with potentially serious (or even fatal) food allergies who are depending on that server to pay attention and make sure their meals are safe.

I can't find anything particularly civil to say about the idea that there are distinctions between a high server and an "overly high server", so I'll leave it to you to consider.

I absolutely think that managers have a right to know when their servers are out of line or dysfunctional, especially since customer complaints are prime fuel for disciplining or firing problem employees who would otherwise claim discrimination, etc. and make themselves difficult to deal with.

Finally, I find the last comment most laughable. God forbid we hold adults on whom others people's safety rests accountable for their choices and suggest that there should be consequences for breaking the rules.

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