Monday, June 20

Be The People

Rarely have I read a book so well composed or so thoroughly footnoted; Carol Swain has done her homework. Tackling all the touchiest subjects - religion, abortion, immigration and racism – with a deft and firm touch, she debunks lies left and right. Her unique position as a highly educated black woman allows Swain to say things that need to be said but that so many cannot address without being shouted down by cries of racism, sexism, and discrimination.

It is rare for a book to make me nauseous, but this one did. Seeing the truth about the lies America has been fed through blatantly invented statistics, twisted re-tellings of history and clear outlines of the facts the media conveniently ignores was sickening. I came away from this book with a much stronger grasp of what the key issues in America are, why they are so contentious and where the nation really stands (or should stand) on them.

Swain plants her feet firmly on Biblical Truth and stands her ground. Maintaining a clear, even tone she nonetheless puts forth uncompromising truth but does so in a way that is not patronizing. I strongly advocate every American reading this book. This book will give you everything you need to know to stand up for our nation and put us back on course to become the brave and righteous nation we once were.

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