Tuesday, April 26

Shower Show Stoppers

It's getting to be spring (finally) and we're heading into the time of year where many people nearly every weekend bringing a bridal shower, baby shower, graduation party or other festive gathering. If you're one of the people trying to help host such a party - especially on a budget - I have a great resource for you!

Regardless of your occasion, theme, party size, budget and diet restrictions you're almost certain to find some great menu ideas in Just a Bite.

Passing up complicated and fancy in favor of cute and bite-size, the author (a pastry chef) shares some of her favorite and most popular options. Most recipes don't require special pans, strange ingredients or anything else your average home baker can't do.

The small size of each piece means you get a lot more bang for your buck, and many of the small cakes and cookies can be made ahead and frozen to stash as back-up for last minute entertaining or to give you a head start during busy weeks. I highly recommend checking your library for this one!

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  1. Oooh sounds yummy! I love bite sized foods! So fun for parties.

    Stopping by from Raising Homemakers