Monday, April 18


I have a minor... or maybe not so minor... addiction to being in my kitchen, elbow deep in cookbooks, food and mischief. I'm sure my incessant postings about all things food related have made that obvious, and that you won't be the least bit surprised by the fact that this post is going to be all about food too! Lol.

First, some recipes:

Fish and chips - We don't eat a lot of fried food, but this was really good. The beer batter made the fish just the slightest bit sweet, and the fries were perfect.

Tatzaki - This is apparently the one dish where my tendency to throw extra garlic into everything was NOT okay. Wow did it have a bite! At some point I will try it again with the correct amount of garlic...

Turkey Meatballs with Cranberry BBQ Sauce - This wasn't bad, but it was very sweet (possibly due to my choice of bbq sauce). It would be great using smaller meatballs as an easy appetizer at a holiday party, though.

Kitchiri - This was madly easy, nutrient packed, insanely filling and yummy besides. Can't seem to find the book marked recipe, but I'll get it posted up here soon so you can share in the delight!

Cornmeal Pancakes with Ham - No eggs, no flour, milk optional. These are food storage friendly, super easy, filling and delicious. I was actually surprised by how much we liked these and will definitely make them in the future.

Next up - sneak peeks of projects to come:

Dehydrating Eggs - my dehydrator is humming quietly as we speak, and I actually remembered to take pictures! Tutorial on this coming soon.

Dehydrating and/or canning cheese - as long as you have cheese, you can make a meal with almost anything. Unfortunately, cheese needs to be waxed or refrigerated... unless you can it or dehydrate it! Having tracked down solid tutorials for both, I'll be giving them a try and I'll track my progress here.

Canning Resource Review - starting last summer, I've been reading all the canning books I can get my hands on and making notes on their strengths, weaknesses and value in a home cookbook library. As canning season gets closer, I'll be posting that info here in hopes of helping everyone save time and money in selecting your own canning resources.

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