Thursday, April 21

For Your Bookshelf

This should be a must - have for everyone who cannot (or will not) include "moving to a farm" on their emergency preparedness to-do list! For many legitimate reasons - jobs and health needs being two of the biggest - not everyone can abandon suburban living, but that's no excuse for not being wise and prepared to handle the waves of social and economic instability that have become standard fare these days.

Brodrick covers everything from investing wisely and easy ways to reduce your dependence on gas, electricity, etc. to building networks with your neighbors and how to prepare for any disaster - large or small - without breaking the bank.

The author's positive tone and fundamental practicality set this book apart and I highly recommend it!

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  1. Hi Jamie, thanks for the post on my blog. Sending some warm sunshiney weather your way ;-)
    (appreciate your words as well, thank you)