Sunday, April 24

Take No Prisoners

When Eric and I first bought our wheat grinder, we went small. It was an experiment and we didn't want to sink too much money into it in case it went badly.

But it went smashingly well. We LOVE grinding our own flour, for the cost savings, nutritional benefits and preparedness aspect.

Unfortunately, my poor little grinder was not really intended for the high volume of wheat we've put through it. It still works, but we've been debating for some time now the need to replace it. I did lots of research and knew exactly what I wanted, but couldn't really justify the expense. Finally, Eric decided it was time and ordered a Country Living Grain Mill. I was madly excited and couldn't wait for it to get here.

Check this out!

This thing does not take prisoners! The flywheel is very heavy and designed with that channel in the middle so you can run a belt through it and run it off a motor or attach it to a bike for powered grinding. The grinder is heavy duty enough that it has to be bolted to a counter to be properly operated.

Obviously, since we're renting and not allowed to bore holes into the counter top, we had to improvise. Eric made a base to bolt the grinder into and we clamped that to the counter. Grinding has become a whole-body exercise, but light years faster! I also have no doubt that this will last us the rest of our lives. Short of a nuclear explosion, I don't see this breaking down or wearing out.

If you're thinking about a grinder, I highly recommend this one!

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