Wednesday, April 13

Something Rare

I have encountered something rare - an accurate, balanced and highly readable guide to safe eating. I am so impressed and surprised that I had to pass it along. This is seriously better than what I teach in ServSafe! (Let's hope they don't revoke my credentials for saying so...)

Ms. Perrett has done an outstanding job of distilling extensive research and multi-faceted issues into a common sense manual for those who are trying to reduce their risk of foodborne illness.

The book contains no fear-mongering, gross-out factors or other manipulative marketing tactics. The author remains true to her stated mission of bringing people the facts they need to make good choices for themselves and their lifestyles; in cases where current research and medical opinion is conflicted or indecisive she summarizes both sides fairly and allows readers to decide for themselves.

I have tremendous respect for Ms. Perrett's honesty in opening her book with the admission that it is not about nutrition, only safety. Readers can research elsewhere the nutritional merits of raw milk, unpasteurized juice, etc. and decide for themselves if those factors make the potential risk worthwhile for them; the author does not bash or forbid such foods, but does explain the safety factors involved in a fair and even handed manner.

There is no one who wouldn't benefit from reading this book, and I highly encourage anyone with a compromised immune system or who is responsible for the care of children or the elderly to make time to read it. What you learn may literally save lives.

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