Tuesday, May 3

Hope for the World

While looking for something else today, I accidentally ran across an article out of South Carolina that caught my attention.

Short version: a 21 year old black man was shot by a white homeowner after breaking in the man's house with two of his friends in the middle of the night. After reviewing the facts, and in light of SC's Castile Doctrine law, the local police force declared the death a justifiable homicide and the dead burglar's family is mad. Implicating racism, they claim the burglar was shot while fleeing the home and that the shooting was therefore not justified and should be considered murder.

I was going to post a short rant highlighting the following points:
  • Anyone foolish enough to take up burglary in a Castle Doctrine state knows (or should know) ahead of time the risk that they are taking.
  • The homeowner was in his own house, didn't pick or lure in the burglars, nor did he treat them any differently than he would have any other moron who broke into his home.
  • Burglary is a crime and it automatically makes the criminal the one in the wrong. Period.
But then, something rare and wonderful caught my eye - the comments section below the article was FULL of smart, sensible people (black and white, I might add) who agreed that for the media to even give a nod of coverage to this was shameful and ridiculous. They not only pointed out everything I was going to list, but other perfectly reasonable and logical points as well!

Given how much nonsense there is in the news these days, I just had to share this bright spot - with comments like those openly and articulately posted, there may be hope for the world yet!

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