Tuesday, May 17

They're Coming for Your Ho-hos!

What Would The Founders Say tackles the big questions of our modern era and explores what the Founding Fathers would have thought or done about them. Education, gun control, the military-industrial complex - the author doesn't shy away from any of the hard stuff.

The result? This book was phenomenal! Well organized, impeccably researched and wittily written it pulls no punches. The author cuts through rhetoric, sifts through context and draws clear lines in the sand. The Founding Fathers come to life in these pages as real, imperfect but passionate and brilliant men. Their thinking patterns, reasoning and intellectual foundations took shape and projected forward clearly. I definitely came away from this book with new understanding and appreciation for the subjects covered.

I also greatly enjoyed the author's humor and tone. He applies his broad vocabulary effectively without making you feel like you need to go get a dictionary to keep up, and his dry-witted comments enlivened the pages. If everyone read this book, America would be a better place!

Incidentally, how much fun would it have been to live in an era when everyone had hard cider for breakfast and was required to carry guns around and even mandated to bring their guns to church! And allowed to own cannons...

For all the fun comments in the book, one thing really caught my attention and honestly made me feel a bit ashamed. The Founding Fathers fought the revolution so their children wouldn't have to. They suffered the brutality, deprivation and hardship so their children could live free and have a chance to thrive.

If this generation loved its children, shouldn't it do the same?

Shouldn't we, and our current government, be making the painful choices and doing the hard work of changing expectations and lifestyles to make sure that our children don't have to endure it? We should have the courage to tackle our foreign oil dependency, the national obesity crisis and its causes, the national debt and everything else that's crippling our nation and threatening their future livelihood. If we are truly still a nation cut from the same cloth as those brave men who gave us the chance to live free, then we owe it to ourselves and our children to take a look around us and start biting some bullets.

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  1. I haven't read this book, but I have a couple of his and they are really good. I haven't had a chance to read them, but he's one of Glenn Beck's go-to authors when it comes to American History. I wish that teachers could teach history in school so that it was both accurate (not PC or liberally biased) and fun.