Saturday, May 21

No He Can't

Chronicling his presciently accurate predictions of Barack Obama's rise to fame, election as President and catastrophic policy maneuvers, Kevin McCullough offers perspective and commentary on America's current President. Exploring Obama's actions, policies and decisions during his first two years in office, McCullough juxtaposes the deceptions, failures and goofs and the reasons behind them with factual truth.

I wanted to give this book five stars; the author's facts are correct and his assessments are fair. After slogging my way through the chapters, however, I cannot in good conscience give such a high mark. The writing is clunky and the sentences like boondoggle. While I appreciate that the author deserves credit for having gone out on a limb, his comments on his own foresight and actions as a pundit during the unfolding events were intrusive rather than neatly woven into the book's structure.

Having read several other books recently on similar subject matter, I found this one coming up short all the way around by comparison. Both the dry humor of What Would the Founders Say and the acerbic wit in Culture of Corruption deal more effectively with the same subject matter, and I would advise reading those instead.

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