Tuesday, May 24

Recipes Quick Post

I cannot wait for farmer's market season to be here in full swing! I have three summer veggie cookbooks out from the library, ready to be put to good use!

In the meantime, here's a quick round-up of the yummy new recipes I've tried recently.

Bacon & Asparagus Pizza - this was amazing! Ridiculously good.

Braised Garlic Chicken - I diced this up and used it to make garlic chicken pitas and they were delectable. It was madly easy, too!

Chipotle Chicken - this wasn't bad, but the whole adobo thing didn't really do it for me. Worth trying, but not something I expect to make again.

Midnight Asparagus with Creamy Eggs - this was good, but did not live up to the hype the cookbook lavished on it. A quick, easy meal but not life changing.

Mushroom Ragu over Polenta - I'm not a fan of mushrooms, but my husband likes them so I made him a batch of this to take to work today. I have to say, it smelled intoxicatingly good and was easy besides. Well worth checking out if there's a mushroom lover in your house.

Black Pepper and Honey Steak - Also a treat for my love, I tried this recipe for steak and it turned out excellently. Quick and easy!

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