Thursday, September 26


I have always considered biscuits the standard go-to option when I need a starch based side dish in a short time frame. They're easy, I can pretty much make them from memory, and they're on the table in about 15 minutes.

But biscuits may have a run for their money in the near future, as I've started experimenting with making my own spaetzle. So far, the best recipe/instructions I've found are from The Wishful Chef (photo hers, of course).

There's a fantastic German restaurant out near my brother-in-law, which is what got me thinking about making spaetzle in the first place. It seemed like it shouldn't be that hard to make something that is variation on a noodle so I started researching recipes and finally gave it a try.

As it turns out, spaetzle are rather like bread. It's all about consistency. I need a little more practice, and am leaning towards a slightly less sticky dough, but overall the test batch came out well and I'm pretty sure a few more practice sessions are all it will take to get this yummy goodness added to my cookbook and on the regular menu rotation. Like biscuits, it takes almost no time to whip up a batch and it's versatile enough to go with a lot of different things. I'll be sure to post my thoughts and tips when I've got the recipe tweaked and completely nailed down, but for now I wanted to share about the experimenting process and my happiness and playing in my kitchen again!

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