Wednesday, September 25

Concentrated Sin... aka Plum Chutney

After years of lamenting the lack of decent farmers' markets around here, I am delighted to have found one that meets my (admittedly high) standards. It's not big, but it's got good prices, great variety, and nice vendors. While picking up some green beans to pickle a couple weeks ago, we unexpectedly stumbled upon some gorgeous plums for an incredible price. So we snagged a few pounds and I got to try something I've been thinking about tackling for a couple years now: Plum Chutney.

I used this recipe from Chow (photo also theirs), and canned it up in pint jars. The house smelled incredible while it was cooking, and when we slathered it on top of pork chops (which we expertly grilled, because my husband is awesome like that), we agreed that the best description for this new recipe was "concentrated sin". This is somewhat misleading, because there's nothing bad for you in it at all. But it tastes so good you'll swear it must be horrible for you!

I imagine it would be equally good over chicken or duck, and actually would be perfectly happy to scoop it onto chips or bruschetta or to just eat it with a spoon. I literally rough diced the plums, dropped everything in the pan and just stirred every once in a while when I walked by - there was nothing else to it!

We've officially added this to my list of make-every-year goodies (like pickled green beans), and next year I'll plan to make enough to share. If you see a good deal on plums near you, give this a shot!

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